4th January 2024

               Brian Witcombe

Inside Intelligence from Roentgen Rays

   18th January 2024

Mike Bottomley

Al Bowlly (Britain's first pop star)

   1st February 2024

Nicholas Henderson


      15th February 2024

                Dr Bob King

          The Magic of Glass

                 7th March 2024

                 Steve Tilley

           Walking the Coast

                 21st March 2024

                Andy Meller

            The Glosters at Waterloo

                   4th April 2024

                      Bill King

The magic and mystery of Glenn Miller

                  18th April 2024

                     Peter Gill

                Jerry Lee Lewis

                    2nd May 2024


                     16th May 2024

                     Ian Caskie

                  SS Great Britain

                     6th June 2024

                 Arthur Ball

                 Birds Tigers & Taj

                    20th June 2024

               John McCartney

                  British Leyland

                  4th July 2024

               Martin Gower

     NHS Jewel in the Crown

                   18th July 2024

Rod Woodward-Court

         History of St Peter's

                   1st August 2024

              Dr Henderson

        Making of the English

       15th August 2024

        Rev. Gerald South

         Matter Matters

     5th September 2024

      Chris O'Grady

           Fakes & Fortunes

      19th September

         Gil Gibbons

The Knights Templar

         3rd October 2024

            Kate Peake

Glocs. Vintage transport

          17th October 2024

      Dr Gill White

  1st Duke of Devonshire

         7th November 2024

      Hugo Heriz-Smith

      Apple computing 

          21st November 2024

          Kat Keldeen

Work of John Moore's museum

          5th December 2024

           Fraser Gunn

     Great Fire of London

           19th December 2024

          Bob King

Magic for the Christmas Social